Monday, 8 October 2012

Unforgettable in every way and forevermore that’s how you’ll stay

It’s funny to think how personal this blog has become. Indeed my first post was a pledge for a better lifestyle and yes very personal but I just wanted somewhere to publish the happenings of my fleeting youth. Somewhere to dream big and show everyone the progress of my life. But like you’ve noticed [only if you’ve been reading along], life for me at the moment is a series of curve balls. Blindsiding me again and again. Though I am not the only one the world throws fast ones at, I live alongside friends and family that too live through trials and tribulations.

And yesterday was a fuck of a day. No rest for the wicked. It started with the hard task of looking after two of the most beautiful girls in the world whilst pretty much being in a ‘house of glass’. They are ages Three to Six and are always full to the brim with excitement and joy - yet with every bout of fun they had was the possibility of their breaking something. Definitely a stressful place to be in for five hours but I guess I slept through two of them.

Meanwhile on the same day, the stress of my darling friends was nothing short of tenfold. They had to experience one of the hardest moments in anyone’s life and that was saying Good Bye to one of the most amazing men that I have ever met. Their father: Wiley Reed. Papa Reed was a man of soul and substance. He was an extremely talented musician and he struck the heart of every person that had the honour of being in his audience. Once he became your friend you were nothing short of being another member of the family. And from what I heard, he was the cutest father to boot. I was so glad to hear that during the week before his passing that his musician family of friends were there right until the end. Surrounding Wiley and his family with the love and support that they so needed and in their own unique way.

Papa Reed

The surrealism of his death still lingers and the heartstrings pulled are still yet to slacken but there is such a sense of celebration in the air. The only way to continue on with our lives with this sense of loss is to realise why this sense is striking. The only way to put it into words is that he who we lost was truly one of a kind. Wiley lead a remarkable life, with remarkable people and this we should celebrate.

It is so hard to lose someone you love dearly and to wish for the life they would have had in the future. Yet there is so much more happiness to be had when you reflect on the life that they left behind. Thank you Wiley [and Zofia ^_^] for sharing a part of your life and your music with me, I am truly grateful for what you both have given me.

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