Thursday, 16 August 2012


Usually it is hard for me to say goodbye, but for me this time, it’s good riddance ! My youth thus far has been a bitter battle and fuck yes! life is hard. And I’m not going to continue this post with those common quotes used to motivate people and make them feel better about themselves for a minute or two but instead I am just going to tell you, whoever you may be, who I am and what I am to do. I am going to say good riddance to those vicious memories there inside and welcome a new being. I just cannot continue like this, things must change and here is the most public way I can make my pledge.

Not only would I love to become “better” but I would also love to help my community become better. Ideas are in motion and a lot of planning, goal setting, brain storming, etc. are only to come ahead. I am optimistic but I am not naive, I realise my expedition may be tough at times and I only welcome them! I welcome education as my friend. My desire is to learn all there is to know about everything and anything! Including culture of all kinds; fashion, music, literature, film, visual art, culture from all around our world and the list must go on. I want to connect with others, know their stories, learn their lessons. If we come together and fix those mistakes that people make but are too lost to see any resolution, then we could be on our way to become better for our generation and for those who follow.

To improve on myself will be the half the battle and at times I wish it didn’t have to come to this though it feels exciting to start over again. I am creating this blog to document on the happenings of this Genesis and I only hope that you will come along with me and support me. Today is the day!

Wish me luck !

~ Stephanie Mills

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